With all the recent hoopla about Cassie’s recent shave, I got to thinking about hair in general and what dramatic effects hair has on how we are perceived by society. I never colored my hair or cut it too much. The most I ever did was cut bangs and get a black rinse. This might be a naive fear of mine, but I have heard too many stories about people doing drastic things to their hair, only to wish later that they had just left it alone.

The other day, I watched an episode of “The Game” that hit close to home. The main character, Melanie, was taking care of a patient who wore lots of wigs to constantly change her look. This patient said to Melanie that she immediately categorized her as soon as she saw her because of her hair. She had the classic side-part under.

Most girls I know sport that typical hair ‘do. But the patient accused Melanie of playing it safe. Her hairstyle screamed “Don’t look at me.” It’s a hairstyle that won’t draw any unnecessary attention to herself.

What do you think? Are you guilty of wearing the side part under because you’re afraid to be noticed?

Check out the breakdown in this clip below. Start it at around 2:10.

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