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Alicia Keys hasn’t let the public see her son yet, but that hasn’t stopped her from gushing about her 8-month old with Swizz Beatz, Egypt Daoud Dean.

“He loves to laugh. [He laughs] at everything. I’ll say a joke that’s totally a grown person’s joke and he’ll laugh. I’m like, ‘Ha! You get me.’,” she told PEOPLE.

“I do silly noises on his cheek and he’ll just crack up. A person making a silly face, me tickling him – he laughs at everything.”

“If he wants to laugh, he’ll egg you on, so that you’ll start to make him laugh. … He has one of those big Gerber baby giggles, and it’s huge and perfect.”

Keys also says he’s a perfect passenger on a plane. “He’s a rock star champion flyer. I can take him on a six or seven hour plane or if we take the train from Paris to London, he rolls with it. His temperament is super cool.”

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