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The number 1 rule of “‘From Nothing To Something’ Presents: ‘The Vixen’s Guide To Maintaining Relevancy When You Have No Real Talent'” is: “Release pictures of your naughty bits to gossip sites and then blame it on someone stealing it from your laptop.”

Earlier this week we learned that Casper, the nude pic leaking ghost, is back up to his old antics and this time around his latest victim is Kanye’s ex, Amber Rose. Again.

A couple of days ago Amber took to twitter to defend herself against the media’s reaction to the leaks. Here’s what she had to say:

“I was gonna wait until my radio show to address this but I want to say this now. I trusted someone that worked 4 me and allowed them to use my laptop a million times, I caught this person sending my pics to themselves and I fired this person immediately Wiz & I both of our families have known for about 2 months now. We tried to prepare ourselves for this day. Those pictures r 2 1/2 years old just sitting in my computer. I’m really hurt and embarr#!@%*#ed because I have so many young girls that look up to me. I would never put those pics out of myself.”

This time, however, she left out a wee-bit of incriminating evidence that if it weren’t for this, I probably would’ve never noticed.

So, what’s the evidence, you ask? Well, follow the timeline. Aside from her accessories, the only other thing shown in the nude pics are her shoes. They’re a pair of purple, pink and orange Tri-Tone Multi-Ankle Strap Sandals from Ruthie Davis’s Spring/Summer Collection 2010. They’re the same pair she wore to a party hosted by Nylon Magazine last year.

While I’m no Inspector Gadget, I do know that there is no way she got those shoes a whole year and a half before the collection was actually released. No way. Not even with Kanye’s name. Just…no. Furthermore, there are so many things wrong with her statement I’m puzzled as to where to even begin, so let me take it step by step.

First, why do you just have nude pics just on your laptop, chilling? Not only that, but why do you STILL have them on your computer even after your first nude pic scandal? That’s a hint and a half that having a Macbook or camera phone photo shoot in your bare nothings may not be for you.

Secondly, why would you let someone that works for you use your laptop when you know you have these on you computer?

Thirdly, from the statement she made in regards to Wiz Khalifa and their families having prior knowledge of these photos, I gather Wiz is absolutely content with the fact that Rose still held on to naked photos she sent to (I’m assuming) Kanye. Any way you put it, that situation just does not sound right.

Lastly, instead of being hurt and embarrassed that additional pics of her birth canal are floating around the matrix, she’s more concerned about the young girls that look up to her. Oh Amber, you poor unfortunate soul, you.  Seriously, maybe it’s just me but I’ve never known a soul to look up to Amber, to date – let alone a child.

The proof is in the pics, so check the gallery below!

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