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Nia Long is pregnant with her second child. And as much of a shock as it was for fans, it was for the 40-year-old actress, as well. Nia recently revealed to Us Weekly that her current pregnancy was unplanned.

“I was supposed to go to Ghana to do a film and that’s when I found out I was pregnant. I had a doctor’s appointment to get the yellow fever shot and they were like, ‘Miss Long, we can’t give you a shot.’ [When they told me] I almost fainted. It was the best moment and the sweetest surprise ever.”

She admits to having some new eating habits: “I’m craving salt like crazy. I’m usually more of a chocolate girl, but I haven’t been craving sweets.”

And also admits that her first trimester wasn’t easy. “I was so horribly sick for four and a half months. Now I have energy, besides a little heartburn here and there, and I’m doing excellent. The baby is huge!”

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