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Last night “Basketball Wives” aired and Evelyn attempted to show a different, more sensitive side, a side with more depth that gave more history into who “The Walking Yeast Infection” really, truly is.  Sadly, all of that seemed to go amiss. Just when she almost had the viewers taking her seriously, she goes and tweets something as mundane as “planking on a baby-changing table.” (click here if you missed it).

Yes. On a baby-changing table. Which would mean Evelyn “The Walking Yeast Infection” herself, dutifully took time out of her busy life of “motherhood,” as well as being the boriqua Kim Kardashian of attention-whoring, to contract microscopic pieces of infantile fecal matter to the face. Sorry Evelyn, we don’t believe you.

My timeline on Twitter went ballistic last night with hilarious tweets about the  baby mama’s BW’s so much so that I had to share in this post. Check out the top 10 relevant tweets for last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives:”

10. @Tha_Mrs04 said: “So last nite on #basketballwives I guess they tried to show anotha side of Evelyn, so people would start liking her…sorry STILL don’t lol!”

9. @SteveGutta said: “Ladies it’s not ok to be over 40 still rollin and your only concern is who’s in “the circle” #basketballwives.”

8. @2TONEDASUPASTAR said: “Evelyn moms was sitting on the struggle couches with full confidence tho #basketballwives.”

7. @barackobussa said: “Why is Evelyn mom living in the hood of New York and she’s living it up in Miami #basketballwives.”

6. @CollegeBoy365 said: “Chick on my TL said Shaunie got “Rolled back nostrils” LMAO.”

5. @jerimiahKOEkin said: “Jenn said, “I don’t like a lot of stuff in my mouth,” that’s probably why Eric cheated o_O.”

4. @EvelynLozada said: “I hate reliving this scene! I’m in tears as if I wasn’t even there #basketballwives.”

3. @yaboysharrod said: “Notice how Shaunie stay out of the drama and let everybody else fight. She not even participating in the fights. Easy money. #basketballwives

2. @JerimiahKOEking said: “Suzie this ain’t high school h*e!!! Nobody has to get along…#basketballwives.”

1. @_dNicole said: “I’m lost because the name of the show is #basketballwives so why is Suzie, Royce and Evelyn on if they never been married?

In between Evelyn reuniting with her father, Tami meeting with Evelyn to settle the whole T-shirt fiasco, Tami trying to play “momager,” and Jen “I still can’t complete a thought without the use of a simile” going on an awkward blind date with Eric Numero 2; it’s safe to say my feelings about Evelyn and her recycled excuse for whoredom are still the same – so over her!

Check out the full episode below and let me know if your feelings changed on any of the “Basketball Wives” after seeing this episode.

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