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Name: Kimberly Hogg | Brand Manager, PepsiCo

Age:  24

The epitome of hard working, Kimberly’s drive has landed her a position with one of the largest and most well known brands in the world, and has gained her a well deserved spot on the 30 under 30 list. Kimberly currently works for Pepsi. When she joined Pepsi in 2009, Kimberly started in Brand Innovation where she worked on TM Pepsi’s short term beverage strategy. She has moved on to doing Brand Management for AMP Energy. Introduced to the US and Canadian market in 2001, AMP is one of the first in the energy drink category. Kimberly oversees the brands digital strategy, which involves managing agency partners to execute a holistic Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and brand presence. This entails incorporating AMP energy athletes into the digital equation as well. She is also the analytical point person on the team and last but not least, Kimberly is responsible for 2012 AMP Innovation.. Keep your eyes on AMP, they have some exciting stuff launching 2012!

Kimberly said that she most enjoys working on programming that includes AMP Energy athletes because that’s really what excites AMP Energy fans.

It still amazes her that she is working for Pepsi, a brand that she’s looked at and respected her whole life.  Also, it is cool that she gets to work on an energy brand that isn’t the leader in its category, but has the drive to get there. “It’s what wakes me up every day for my reverse commute to Purchase from NYC, and drives me to stay up working at night.”

As far as brick and mortar companies that have entered the digital realm, she admires brands like Saks that have done a good job in balancing their sophisticated more mature audience versus the up-and-coming trendy audience via their social media outlets. Kimberly also thinks that Groupon is at the top of the list of companies that are taking the social media and marketing world by storm. “Unlike many first to market companies in a respective industry, Groupon has been able to maintain their status as the leader in its category amidst the presence of a million competitors.”

Her best quality is being able to connect with a multitude of different types of people. She’s honestly never met a personality that she felt like she couldn’t work with. It comes from being well rounded, open minded, and eager to find a balance.

Her first job was selling shoes at Finish Line, which she did after work during high school and over her high school summers. She admits that she even did it over Christmas break her first few years of college.

Besides Kimberly’s busy schedule with Amp Energy and Pepsi, she is also a part of M.O.V.E. Mentoring “Motivation Opportunity Viability Enterprise” and D.R.E.A.M “Developing Responsible Economically Advanced Model-Citizens”. The motto of D.R.E.A.M is “Leading youth to financial empowerment!”

People might be surprised to know that she is a knitter…..

She advises people to bring your whole self to work every day, to be present. Don’t forget who you are. The qualities that make you an individual are why you were hired. Always speak up. The comment that goes unsaid is the worst comment at the table.

In the future she plans to work on another brand within Pepsi (Starbucks and Sobe peak her interest), and one day pursue an entrepreneurship route within the brand management world.

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