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At one time, Chris Brown possibly represented the future of Pop and R&B music with his Michael Jackson like dance moves, cute boyish looks and songs about chasing girls in school. Now, Chris Breezy is all grown up, tatted up, blond, sings about “wetting the bed”, and makes headlines and the trending topic on Twitter what seems like every other week. Why is Chris Brown the celeb that everyone loves but at the same time, loves to hate?

Chris has had beef with a number of celebrities this year and is not afraid to speak his mind. He’s received some harsh words from Joe Budden, Raz B, the homosexual community and more recently Frank Ocean and Odd Future just to name a few.  Either way, each time there’s a “beef” Chris always seems to admit when he’s wrong and call people out when they’ve just gone too far.

He recently tweeted, “@chrisbrown: Latching on to my every word and criticizing makes you look thirsty. I can’t even piss without somebody complaining. Imagine how I feel.” and went on to say “@chrisbrown: A person should not have to apologize every second for living life!”

In a sense,  I can only imagine the amount of pressure one must feel when living their life under a microscope and having everything you do or say judged by millions of people. No matter if you like or dislike Chris Brown, there is no denying that he is extremely talented and can dance and perform his butt off!

In other news, Chris Brown is scheduled to perform at tomorrow’s BET Awards in Los Angeles and has been spotted all over Hollywood gearing up for the big show. I’m sure he will bring the heat this year as usual. Tune in tomorrow night for the live showing of the BET Awards.


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