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Women, let me explain something to you, the bond between a man and an infant is why you should not have unprotected sex. More importantly, it is why you should not get pregnant by a man that you are not married to.

When the baby is born, the average man does not feel the same way about the birth as the average woman does. We did not carry our babies around in our wombs for nine months. We did not get to feel the babies move and kick in the same fashion as you did. Our bodies don’t change. Our hormones don’t change. In most cases, we do not change either.

So when the doctor placed my beautiful son Ethan into my hands I just said “thanks.” I was not overjoyed or filled with emotion. I watched my wife cry tears of happiness and I was glad that she was healthy and my new baby boy was healthy, but it is not like I wanted to give the doctor an extra tip or invite him out to dinner or something. He did his job.

I had to learn to love Ethan. My wife had a nine-month head start on their emotional bond. Ethan and I had some catching up to do. At the time of Ethan’s birth, I am not sure if I would have traded my life for his. But right now today, the bond between my son and me is so strong that I would trade all of your lives for his! I would take all of you out! I love my lil’ guy.

I say all this to explain to women that when you get pregnant by a man that you are not married to, you are potentially setting your child up for a bad relationship with his or her father. It is important that you know this in advance of your unprotected sex-capades. I am not excusing the behavior of men. We are responsible for our own actions. I am merely explaining why so many men are not involved in the lives of their children. The reason why I love my son the way I do today is because I have been with him since day one. I have taken full advantage of my opportunity to nurture the bond between my son and I.


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