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Serena Williams is revealing details about the multiple surgeries she underwent over the past year, one of which was life-saving as it removed a fatal blood clot from her lungs. The blood clot developed while she was recuperating from her second foot surgery, one she needed after cutting her right foot with glass while leaving a restaurant in Munich last July.

On her lung surgery:

“It has been a totally different road because I’ve had some serious health problems and I was literally on my deathbed at one point. The doctors said that I had several clots bilaterally in both lungs. They said if they had caught it two days later, it could have been a lot more serious, possibly career-ending. A lot of people die from it because you don’t recognize it. I couldn’t breathe. I honestly just thought I was out of shape and needed to get on the treadmill or hit the elliptical. It was my physio who forced me to go to the hospital whereas I was actually on the way to a party. She said, ‘No, you need to go to the hospital.’ I’m glad I didn’t go to that party.”

On cutting her foot and the following surgery:

“We were leaving the restaurant, I was walking and then I felt something. I just stepped back and said, ‘Oh, that really hurts.’ There was a massive pool of blood. I was like, ‘Oh my gosh.’ I ended up fainting because I lost so much blood. I ended up getting stitches in both feet. One was on top and one was on the bottom of my other foot. It sliced right through my ligament. I didn’t know that, I just knew that my toe was hanging low.”

“The second surgery on my foot was way tougher than the first, especially mentally. More mentally tough than anything I have been through in my life outside of my sister’s passing. I was in a cast for 20 weeks. I’d rather have been in jail for 20 weeks because I really hated that cast. Having your foot in one position so long, not moving it, not being able to walk or do a lot of things caused a lot of the problems.”

On her post-surgery mindset:

“After it was all over, there were a few days when I didn’t get out of bed. So much had happened to me and I couldn’t understand why. I was thinking, ‘Just what didn’t I do or what did I do to deserve this?'”

However, Serena has finally returned to tennis, playing in a pre-Wimbledon tournament in the UK today: “If tennis has missed [Venus and I] half as much as we’ve missed tennis, we’re in a good place. This is a comeback that’s totally different from any other comeback.” SOURCE

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