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So our favorite reality foolishness, high school girls “Basketball Wives,” came on last night and if you missed it, peep 6 of the most certifiably hood rat events of last night’s episode of “Basketball Wives.”

6. Evelyn and Chad want twins. I’m sorry but this is hood mainly for the simple fact that, I still don’t and refuse to believe they are a real couple, I don’t care what NOBODY says this is a business relationship. It’s not believable at all. Sorry, you need more people!!

5. Royce throws a BBQ/pool party. This is hood because we all know how Royce (who is also a mother) “parties,” so trust and believe this party was full of her booty popping, coon-thrusting friends trying to get their “air time.”

4. Meeka is still playing “Inspector Gadget.” On last week’s episode of “Basketball Wives” Meeka contradicted herself as being real and not talking out of the side of her neck, saying one thing to Royce and saying another to Evelyn and Jennifer. This week she picks up where she left off in her investigation to find who told what to who, and how it got back to Royce and Tami, my only issue with that is, girlfriend went to everybody BUT the horse’s mouth which in her case would be Evelyn “The Walking Yeast Infection” and Jennifer.

3. Royce turn on the waterworks. And the award for best cry in a reality show is…..(drum roll) Royce Reed! Royce turns up waterworks in the scene with her dad where she talks about how lonely she is and how she likes to have a man around and blah, blah, blah. One of the best hood baby come ups on a reality show, showing a softer side and bringing out the tears.

2. Suzie plays peacemaker. Suzie continues to push Royce to talk to Jen and Evelyn. *Cues the drink throwing*

1. Royce and Evelyn go toe to toe. The moment we’ve all been waiting for, Evelyn throws a drink at Royce instead of a punch. Evelyn and Royce name call back and forth before doing…absolutely nothing.

Certified Hood!

Check out the full episode below:

Which one of the “Basketball Wives” do you think is the biggest hood rat?

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