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Over the last couple of Nas And Kelis weeks white Bay Area rapper, Kreayshawn, has become quite the Youtube sensation. However, her friend/sister V-Nasty, also a white Bay Area rapper has started a little stir on the ‘net with her usage of the “N” word in her lyrics. The reviews from V-Nasty’s usage of the word have been mixed with some people feeling as though if we are allowed to say it then they should too.  Thus bringing me into the discussion of: Which matters the most, the color of the person using the “N” word or the context it is used in?

As a race with a strong slavery past, it’s safe to say that sometimes I do feel that we enslave ourselves as a race today. No I am not perfect and I do use the “N” word frequently amongst friends/family, however personally I feel that as blacks, we are an adaptive race (much like others) however for me in my defense, there is no defense. I’ve simply grown accustomed to using the word and too lazy to throw away my usage of the word, and I also know when and who to use it around.

However, the reason I think other races (specifically white people), feel it’s okay to use the word is they simply don’t understand the fact that there are boundaries amongst races, and with these boundaries needs to be a proceed with caution sign because it can become quite the ugly debate when crossed. The biggest argument a non-person of color will make when entering this debate is that,  that (meaning slavery) was so long ago, “get over it” or “I didn’t personally enslave you” but none of that matters. It is what it is and we can’t take back history and the fact of the matter is that slavery did happen and that is essentially where the word “Nigger” derived from. In the African American community there are 2 kinds of “N” words, and the first one is “Nigger” which can get you yoked up in the street , which is rarely used. Then there is the one that drops the “er” and just ends with “a,” this one is used very frequently and is becoming less and less harsh amongst the black community.

Now back to the boundaries, there are certain boundaries that can and cannot be crossed between races, period. I didn’t make up this “rule” and truthfully speaking , it could very well just be one of those unwritten rules that just became universal amongst African Americans because of our history. In my opinion it’s a little harsh even when we (people of color) use it at our leisure but it’s becomes offensive when a non-person of color uses it, even if it’s not intended to be offensive it is because when I hear it from them it’s like we are being lynched all over again.  I hate to create that division by using us and them but I feel it totally necessary when the “N” word is involved.

So in the question of which matters the most, the race that uses the “N” word or the context it is used in, I definitely say the race that uses it matters most. Think about it, although nearly every rapper from Jay Z  to Gucci Mane uses the “N” word no one seems to care at all except Oprah but if white rapper Paul Wall were to use it even if it was in the most non-threatening context, all hell would STILL break loose. I can even recall when Jennifer Lopez came out with her song “I’m Real” in 2002 she said, “Now people screamin’ what’s the deal with you and so and so I tell them Ni**as my Ni**as but they don’t hear me though.” I can vividly remember that being a huge issue around my neighborhood but we eventually let it go when we realized she was a woman of color but I still find it an issue when a white person uses it.

I’m sure many people won’t agree with my take on the situation so I’m curious to know what you think, what matters the most to you: the race that uses the “N” word or the context it’s used in?

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