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Looks like someone’s got Mo and Kita of “The T.O. Show” panties in a bunch, and that person is “Basketball Wives” very own boricua Evelyn Lozada.

The two P.R. queens behind Terrell Owens success caught up with Hip Hollywood on the red carpet and voiced their (mostly Mo’s) distaste with Evelyn in a very straight forward manner. Mo referred to Evelyn as “a walking yeast infection” as well as criticized her motherhood for sleeping with Chad Ochocinco so soon. Mo also came for Chad adding:

“I know Chad. I’ve associated with Chad. I’ve worked with Chad, but at the same time he’s sending the wrong message to women, to guys, thinking it’s ‘okay’ to wife somebody that you’ve portrayed the image of sleeping with all in the same night.”

Mo also added, “Tami should’ve beat Evelyn’s A*s,” for having ANY sort of relationship with her ex-husband, whether they were married, separated or divorced. While I agree to the fullest, I also feel that Mo’s tone sounds a tad bit personal, which leads me to believe either Mo don’t play NO games when it comes to her judgement of character or Evelyn has stepped on her toes in some kind of way. For that very reason this story reminds me of Dave Chappelle’s skit on “The Chappelle Show” “When keeping it real goes wrong” because although what Mo says may be true, Evelyn don’t play that!

Peep the video below to hear what Mo had to say:

I can just see Evelyn looking for a drink to throw right now!

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