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Author, Anna J, delivers a new sexy and seductive anthology, Erotic Snapshots (Kindle Edition – May, 2011; $2.99). Every waking moment is a potential erotic encounter. From a lust filled stare across a board room meeting, to a steamy night with your neighbor, any given time is an opportunity for an Erotic Snapshot to happen. Anna J brings you this and more in her first volume of erotic short stories that are sure to make you want to try them out yourself.

In My Man For A Minute, author M.T. Pope brings you a quirky story with a warning….you cannot trust your neighbor! What happens when you share intimate details about your man with another? In this juicy, steamy tale a neighbor makes friends with the wrong neighbor. A neighbor who doesn’t mind sharing her man…Even if it’s only for a minute.

Naked Masquerade by up and coming author Charm, takes you into a realm of intense pleasure that can only be described as tempting. No one knows if they’re coming or going in this tale of two women embarking on a journey through a night filled with fun and excitement. It’s one you won’t forget as you take a peek into the lives of Kelly and Lisa. One is a vet in the art of lust, the other a new comer in the game of “anything goes.” Both women stand to come out on top, and there are no losers in this wicked game of seduction…as long as its kept a secret.

In Lustful Violation, author Jewelze brings the heat to a traffic stop that will never be forgotten. After a long hiatus, Tori and her girls, decided to get together for a “Girls Night Out”. While living the champagne life and toasting it up was on the agenda, their night was suddenly brought to a screeching halt because of Tori’s abrupt departure resulting in a speeding violation that would surely send her into a tailspin!

Anna J, bestselling author of seven novels to date, brings you Super Market Sweep. Just when you thought you were safe to shop, come to find out someone is always watching you. A person can tell a lot about you by the items you have in your shopping cart. Who knew that purchasing something as simple as popsicles would be a reason for someone to want to pull you to the side for a quick rendezvous in the stock room? Whether it’s the stock boy or the man at the meat counter, you never know who has their eye on you. If you’re open enough your wildest fantasies could be fulfilled…clean up on isle 3!

This is the first volume in a string of Erotic Snapshots being presented to you by Anna J, featuring some of your favorite authors, and a few soon to be favorites. Get ready for the ride…and have a loved one close by. You never know when or where things might pop off!

Anna J, bestselling author of My Woman, His Wife and Snow White, has been a heavy hitter for six years in the book business. With gritty street tales such as Get Money Chicks and erotic short stories like “A Crime of Passion” (appearing in the spring 2010 anthology The Bedroom Chronicles) Anna is a versatile storyteller who has become a household name. She now wear’s the “publisher” hat, and her first independent project, Erotic Snapshots Vol 1, is available under her company The Writer’s Edge Publications on the Kindle from Amazon and the Nook from Barnes and Noble. A Philadelphian, born and raised, she proudly writes about her city. Anna, fondly referred to by her friends as Ms. J, is excited about the release of her seventh novel Hell’s Diva II: Mecca’s Return, and is hard at work on her next book.
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