Because he can make a urine- and feces-based acid and break out… duh.

At least, according to him, he can.

When asked about working with Terrence Howard in the upcoming movie Fighting, star Channing Tatum tells Movieline,

“…the more I hung out with Terrence, he would constantly talk about the craziest shit. Like he told me about how there’s no cell that could ever hold him because he’d make acid from his urine and his feces.

I was like, “That’s cool? I guess? And now I know something you’d do if you were in jail.” And that’s how I got to know Terrence.”

Say what? For one thing, why does it seem like Howard’s always talking about bodily fluids? For another, urine and feces acid? REALLY? Interesting. I’d love to sit with this guy for a day and have a ridiculous conversation. I’m full of those.

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