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Are Romeo and Jordin Sparks dating? They were already spotted together at “The Hangover II” premiere last month, but this week he tweeted a picture of her planting a kiss on him and it got tongues wagging.

When Sister2Sister magazine asked via Twitter if the two were official, Romeo responded with “Were just 2 love birds :).” He then posted a picture of them embraced in the almost-kiss, to which Jordin replied, “Muahhh!”

If all this isn’t cute enough yet, when they were caught on the red carpet together, the interviewer asked how their “date” came about (she invited him) and what they liked about each other.

“She’s perfect. She’s got the best personality. She’s goofy. She’s funny. She’s beautiful. She has an amazing voice.”

And Jordin said: “Well, do you see him?! I’m just kidding, he’s great. He’s very very sweet. [It’s] a ‘we’re-really-compatible, this-is-awesome, let’s-have-fun’ connection.”

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