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Either you’re somebody’s significant other or you’re somebody’s JUMP OFF. We recently came across this post and had to share with our readers.

Before reading, you should know that in rare cases, men can be jumpoffs too. The signs travel both ways. Feel free to add on to the list. Now, on with the show! Ahem…

1. Show up unannounced one day. If he’s not happy to see you or worse, if he peeks through the window and doesn’t let you in, you’re a jumpoff.

2. He sends out subliminal messages via his facebook and twitter status. Quoting sweet hip hop lyrics and lines from Love Jones. You question him. He responds with something like: “I’m hurt that you would even question that. If you have to question it, then no those weren’t for you”

“Jump Off” movie trailer.

3. He asks your friend out to dinner. Then claims he didn’t know you and her were “cool like that”

4. He only calls you to find out where you are and when you can come over.

5. He took you out to dinner. That one time.

Who do you think should be on this list?

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Everyone’s favorite jumpoff gets married.

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