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ARIES – March 21 – April 19

Take a good look at your life and decide how you can make things better personally and professionally. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week are lucky days for you with some extra effort put forth. Recent accomplishments have given you bursts of confidence in achieving what you really want, keep these moving forward. Temptation to take on a financial responsibility that you cannot afford leads to worry and stress. Things become uncomfortable between you and a close friend if you promise to do more than you know you can do right now.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Be honest with yourself and others about what you want to accomplish. Be a person of your word and avoid anyone that gives you the run-around. More money jingling in your pockets this week, use it wisely. Be compromising and patient at work this week, you will be dealing with someone you do not like and they are difficult, do your job. It’s not too late to start building up your resources for the later years of your life, start planning now. Love and happiness appears suddenly, it finds you.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

Focusing this week on rising above any and all obstacles you face will put you in a good light and spirits. Money still slipping through your hands like water, time to budget and manage your money better. A new work opportunity on the horizon, the opportunity only has to be found. Continue to look and sow the seeds and watch the tree grow. Choices in new and old love/flames start to ignite. Be sure you know what you are dealing with to avoid any and all strife. Eat more leafy vegetables now, more attention to health habits need to be put in place.

CANCER – June 21 – July 22

Your common sense and sharp tongue works to get you what you want. You will find a new direction over the summer months that will automatically sweep you along a new path. Pay attention to this new direction it leads you where you want to go. More sleep is important right now, you have been deprived long enough and it is starting to show. Someone you depend on a lot will let you down and you feel disappointed, let it go and move right along. Hidden problems come to light and have to be dealt with, do the dance and keep it moving. Money turns up without notice over the next 4 months or so.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

Take a deep breath at work this week. A conflict arises and not everybody will be on your side. You still come out on top, so do not lose your cool. Love is starting to blossom slowly and intensely roll with it. Work on all unfinished tasks, things from weeks and months are still undone. Things are not as tough as they seem for you right now, stop the theater and do what’s necessary to make things complete. Mechanical and electrical failures start to happen this week, nothing major. Your long term dream is starting to take place, take it one step at a time.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Reflect more on your past mistakes to be sure not to repeat them. Try to keep your distance this week from those who spend money unnecessarily, it makes you more tempted to do the same. Before making a major move, take some time to rethink your strategy to be sure things are in line. Next month is a lot better, in July money is even better because of new and unseen opportunities. Keep your eyes open. That special someone needs some time, be sure to be more balanced between personal and professional life.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Give it your best shot this week. All can be turned to gold in the near to immediate future. Be social and entertain at home without over doing it to impress, it is not necessary, and you will come off as pretentious. You need to remind yourself how short life is and have more excitement. Set up interviews and send out resumes and if you are in business for yourself raise prices. Time to get a financial gain from your work efforts and talents. Some old misunderstandings with someone you were once close to will be cleared up and the friendship will regenerate. Find more time for the lover/partner that is feeling a little neglected.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

A very good time for you to reevaluate your life and have a “rebirth.” Things have felt stagnate for a very long time not only professionally, but personally as well. Changes can be made to make you feel more accomplished and socially more connected with those you have more in common with. Remember the longer you put this off, time still marches on. Stop spending so much time on what was now, time for what is and what will be. Keep all receipts and paperwork in a safe place easily accessible, you will need some things in the coming months. Money looks really good after July.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

Make changes in your life because you want and need it, not because someone else is pushing you to. A geographical move or change in your current living arrangements will be beneficial. Go with the flow and not against it. Think twice before taking on a project that will over extend you. Take more time to do more things, you enjoy, you deserve it. If you invest some real effort right now you can bring yourself closer to realizing your dreams. Unexpected call from old flame catches you by surprise. Keep in mind just how this person became an “old” flame.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 19

Meeting and more meetings this week. You appear not to have much to say or input this is an opportunity for you to shine and contribute. Those that matter to your work or career will be watching. Be creative when it comes to reviving your old hopes and dreams. Taking a different approach will be the key for you to have what you want and knowing how to get it. Do not allow impulsive spending get a hold of you this week. Overreacting, over spending and over indulging must be avoided through the next 4 months or you will find yourself stressed out. If single right now, do not give up the Universe has the right one in place for you.

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 18

Your first impressions this week will be right on the money, so go ahead and act on them. Your mind is quicker than normal right now; time to find solutions to a lot of your old problems. Excellent time to let bygones be bygones. A new opportunity from someone who has your best interest at heart comes about, move on it because success waits. Because of past strains it may be difficult to face someone from you past, release that energy. The last 6 months of this year will be financially in your favor.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

Too much uncertainty and not being sure what to do this week to get ahead. Define and set what it is you want to accomplish is a start. A conflict with a friend, relative, or neighbor occurs after something you promised goes unfulfilled. Do what’s necessary to avoid any further discord and things will be resolved quickly. Money improves for you over the next 3 weeks or so that will help you with your present situation. Be more open to affection from your partner, you have been letting stresses in professional life effect your personal relationships. New love potentials for singles show up, pick and choose wisely.


Hello Psychic Wayne,

I saw your piece on a link on hello beautiful. I haven’t checked out your website yet so I am not sure what your expertise is or that you will be able to answer my question with me giving so little information as to protect my identity. I assume since you are a psychic that you will be able to pick up my energy through this letter. But if it helps my birthday in April 12, 1984. The man in question birthday is January 5, 1972 and his name is Julio. I made a horrific mistake when I stepped out on my marriage about 2 years ago because we had a lot of problems and I was unhappy. I know it was and still is wrong because I continue to see this man on and off to date. I can’t seem to fight my feelings for him and get him out of my system for good as I try to rebuild my marriage. It doesn’t help that I’m not really all that happy in my marriage but we have kids and I don’t want to raise them in a broken home. But often I wonder is keeping my family together worth a life of unhappiness. My question to you is there some way where you could tell me if I’m making a bad choice by keeping this man around who I mentioned above and separating from my husband for a chance at happiness or am I jumping from the frying pan into the fire? Not saying I would ever leave my husband for him at all. I just want to know his intentions and if my marriage will get any better and is it worth saving? Husband is a cancer born July 7, 1982.


Lots going on here. First I want to say that it is admirable that you think of your kids before you think of your own happiness. Now, I see many attempts by you and your husband (mostly you) trying to fix things and get the marriage at a comfortable place, and the two of you keep missing. The marriage is missing a lot, from emotional support to the physical attraction. Once these things are missing it is not impossible to find them or revitalize them, but in this case it is very difficult. The emotional and physical have been switched to Julio. I really feel like Julio and you have one of those past life situations where you weren’t really looking, but your souls found each other and it feels so right. Julio makes you happier than your husband has in a very long time. Of course, you wanted to stay true to your marriage and be honoring your vows, but life happens. The last card is that of Julio which indicates he will be the one you ultimately choose. I have to tell you too, that your husband has not by any means been the most faithful to you. I would love to see your husband and yourself work this out, especially for the sake of the kids; I do not see this marriage rekindling. I need you to continue to think about things and do not leave this marriage hastily or irresponsibly. When you conclude that it is time to go, it will be time to go and only then. Yes, doing what’s best for your kids is really important and a sacrifice, however, sometimes we have to compromise so that we too can have some peace and happiness. Good Luck!!



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WAYNE BRADY – June 2, 1972

BRIAN MCKNIGHT – June 5, 1969

ANA KOURNIKOVA – June 7, 1981

PRINCE – June 7, 1958

KANYE WEST – June 8, 1977


JOAN RIVERS – June 8, 1933

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