“Basketball Wives” season 3 will premiere Monday, May 30, and though the trailer gave us a sneak peek into the drama we can expect, Shaunie O’Neal herself disclosed a few exclusive details to Necole Bitchie.

On Royce:

“Royce is back. But truthfully I don’t really deal with her this season. After her behavior at the reunion show, I realized she wasn’t someone I wanted to give my time to. I think the rest of the girls and I have realized that Royce is the type of woman that constantly has to have some sort of drama going on, so we’ve come to expect it. She’s involved in some drama now, with Jen over the leaking of Royce’s pictures. So I try not to deal with her.”

Is Royce Reed Getting Kicked Off “Basketball Wives?”

On (new castmate) Meeka Claxton:

“Meeka was very persistent. She reached out to us regularly, emailing her credentials, pictures, really letting us know why she belonged on the show. Well she’s already found some drama. I can’t give too much away but let’s just say, she had to learn the hard way.”

GIRLFIGHT: “Basketball Wives” Tami Roman vs. New Cast Member Meeka Claxton

On Gloria:

“Gloria is actually going to be a part of another show I’m doing.”

On the show receiving backlash:

“It is what it is. I don’t know the answer everyone is looking for. Some woman, somewhere all over the world, is like each one of these women. It may not be you, but it’s someone you know. The drama, the fights, that’s real. That’s not something I’m responsible for. I wish all TV had a constant message, but it doesn’t. Our show is just another slice of reality.”

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