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Jumata Emill Jones Never DeadAuthor, Jumata Emil, Jones debuts with his new suspenseful novel, Never Dead (STJ Publishing; March 2011; $15).

THE PERFECT COUPLE? Emerson McGee has spent most of his life living with a secret, and the first-year law student’s menacing struggle with his sexuality is only the half of it. His wife, Danielle, has her own scars of adolescent heartache—which she thinly veils behind her façade as an upper-middle class princess. The newlywed’s cookie-cutter marriage is abruptly interrupted when they make a reluctant move into the quaint house Emerson inherited from his deceased grandmother. Unbeknownst to them, there’s already something else living there: A malevolent entity hell-bent on exposing its connection to Emerson and the tragic secret they share. A GHOST’S STORY While a mysterious narrator recounts the details of his abject life, the McGee’s vengeful poltergeist pulls Danielle deeper into a mystery that has haunted an impoverished ghetto in South Baton Rouge—aptly called “‘Da Bottom”—for nearly a decade, and spills into the provocative world of New Orleans hoodoo. Before its final scare, Never Dead concludes with a bloody twist the McGees never saw coming.

Jumata Emill Jones is a native of Baton Rouge and a Southern University alum. When he’s not writing fiction, he divides his time working as a journalist and being a TV junkie. Never Dead is his first, published novel. To read more of his work, check out his blog “Urban Nightmares”, HERE:

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