Essence bestselling author concludes her popular streetwise trilogy with a sizzling novel about a female drug cartel with a growing empire—and a growing list of ruthless rivals

With the publication of her debut novel, Little Ghetto Girl, Danielle Santiago attracted the attention of reviewers and readers alike by her uncanny ability to weave a realistic, spellbinding story about the gritty streets of Harlem. When the book became an Essence magazine #1 bestseller, Santiago’s status as a reigning queen of urban lit was solidified and when her second book, Grindin’ was published, fans couldn’t get enough of her take-no-prisoners female characters who were sexy, strong and lived life on their own terms.

Now with ALLURE OF THE GAME (Atria Paperback – May 24, 2011; $14), the highly anticipated third installment in her page-turning trilogy, Santiago does not disappoint with an action-packed, suspenseful tale of a female drug cartel maneuvering within an ever-expanding empire.  Although Kisa “Kane” Montega of Little Ghetto Girl and her cousin Kennedy Sanchez of Grindin’ now have beautiful families and have built successful lives in legitimate businesses, each is drawn back to the dangerous game they thought they’d left long behind.

Arnessa Binds is forced to fend for herself and her younger sister, Cenise, when their mentally ill mother abandons them.  Smart and ambitious, Arnessa puts her college dreams on hold and resorts to hustling to put food on the table.  Although she starts out as a low-level drug runner and mule, Arnessa’s business savvy emerges and soon she is controlling several corners in Harlem and Baltimore.  Through a connection, she is introduced to the handsome and charismatic Butta who shows her a thing or two about the trade.  Soon, they are romantically involved and through Butta, Arnessa meets Butta’s brother, Sincere, his wife Kane, and Kane’s cousin Kennedy.  Kane and Kennedy like Arnessa immediately and all quickly realize that together, they will be a force to be reckoned with on the streets.  But before Arnessa joined forces with Kane and Kennedy, she made a deadly enemy in Suef, a sadistic drug lord to whom she refused to relinquish her turf.  Now, Suef wants revenge on Arnessa and because she is too quick and elusive for him, Suef decides to target those people Arnessa loves most:  Cenise and Butta.  As luck would have it, Suef’s main squeeze, Rellie, also has a beef with Kane and before long, the streets of uptown explode in a series of violent retaliations.  Arnessa, Kane and Kennedy have everything they have ever wanted and yet, they are experiencing the most turbulent and trying time of their lives, with no promise at all they’ll prevail over their enemies.

With surprising plot twists, a rapid-fire pace and a satisfying ending, ALLURE OF THE GAME is certain to please Danielle Santiago’s loyal fan base and gain her legions of new readers.

Danielle Santiago is the author of Grindin’ and Little Ghetto Girl and founder of the Mischievous Girls Foundation, which is dedicated to helping battered women and inner city girls. She lives in Harlem and Charlotte with her husband, son and daughter.

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