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Here’s the thing about me….I don’t like clutter. And I don’t like owning a lot of anything. Books are the only exception. And while I love my nail polish collection, I didn’t want it to keep growing and eventually push me out of my own closet.

I remembered having the SAME issue when I was in college and living in dorms. For my freshman and sophomore years I had to share itty bitty closet spaces with my roommates.

I don’t know how I did it but it really wasn’t that bad. I ran to Ikea (the best store in the WORLD…after Sephora….and Office Depot….and Best Buy….and Whole Foods) and found the exact same little closet organizer that I used in undergrad…

Want to see the cheap and easy way Brittany found to store her hundreds of beauty items? Go to ClumpsOfMascara.com for pictures and commentary, then let us know how YOU store all your girly things!

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