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While Beyonce will (allegedly) be off mingling with royalty at the British royal wedding extravaganza this weekend, her lawyers will be knee deep in a lawsuit leveled against the star. The New York Post is reporting that video game maker, Gate Five LLC sued the Grammy Award-winning singer earlier this week in New York, for losing the company over $100 million and sending 70 employees to the unemployment line.

The lawsuit alleges that she made a lucrative agreement in June with Gate Five LLC for a game called “Starpower: Beyonce,” then demanded a new deal before abruptly abandoning the project (wonder if this has anything to do with the “parting of ways” between Bey and her manager father?). The lawsuit claims that Beyonce refusing to agree to the original terms drove a backer away and destroyed the company’s business. According to the New York Post, Gate Five says it lost its nearly $7 million investment in the venture and more than $100 million in potential profits, and 70 people lost their jobs.

For real? $100 million in profits, for a game atrociously titled “Starpower: Beyonce,” do they really think that cheesiness on that level will be a big winner?

But seriously, sometimes I think celebrities believe that the world is all about them, and lets face it, a lot of the time, it is. But, 70 people lost their jobs because of this maneuvering! Come on Beyonce, if you make an agreement, you need to honor it.

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