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Lauren London channeled Janis Hunter, wife of Marvin Gaye, for a sexy, 70s glam-inspired photo shoot with Rolling Out magazine. In the four different looks, she wears bell bottoms, platforms shoes, floppy hats, fur and a shimmery silver dress fit for a disco. Read interview excerpts and see the pics in the gallery below!

On her public persona:

“I know that I don’t really give a lot, so people don’t really know how to perceive me. There’s not enough out there to really know who I am. I’ve heard that people think I’m [a] goody two-shoes, the girl around the way, which is fine because those are pieces of me that are true, but I’m human and – I’m not going to pretend to be anything else other than that.”

On her looks and beauty secrets:

“I don’t even think I’m all that cute. But I maintain a clean face and make sure I have a mani and pedi once a week. I think it’s important for women to take care of their nails, hair, skin and feet. That’s it. I keep it natural and simple … but when I get some sun, I’m all ready. That [tan] would be a beauty secret if I had one.”

On her pregnancy & motherhood:

“I had a pregnancy that wasn’t private … A lot of people had their opinions about it. They were surprised that I came up pregnant, which was a surprise to me, because I’m a woman and women get pregnant and Lauren comes first before the actress, so having my son was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

“I’m a great mother because of my intentions on being a great mother, I’m a good friend because I’m loyal, I’m a good daughter because I’ve hopefully made my mother proud, I’m a great human being because I accept that there’s a spiritual being underneath it all,” she said. “I’ve always been a woman of faith.”

On leaving the industry and “coming back”

“I think evolution is a natural thing. I was 21 when I came into the industry and now, I’m 26. So, my style is gonna change. My hair hasn’t changed, but my outlook on clothes, movies [and] interviews that I do are gonna be different from when I first came out. I didn’t put too much thought into [makes air quotes with her fingers] coming back. I just love what I do.

“It was only nine months! I haven’t gone anywhere, and I haven’t yet reached where I’m going to be. I’ve just been living and being me as an artist and a person and a woman. Life has its ups and downs, so I’ll continue to do this [motions as if riding waves] and grow. And thankfully, I love that the people are growing with me and love watching me, so I’ve been blessed.”

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