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It just gets worse for Gloria James, LeBron James’ mother. If that’s even possible. She has already been labeled as ignorant and a racist by media around the country, has been arrested for battery and public intoxication, and has had a civil lawsuit filed against her- you would think that it can’t really get any worse.

But it can. It looks like ‘xenophobe’ is a label which can be added to the list against her.

It’s already been reported that Gloria launched into a racial attack on a valet, Rockfeller Sorel, at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach recently, calling him a “f**king n***er,” before getting physical and slapping him in the face. But now, according to witness statements, it is alleged that she slung a xenophobic slur at him as well!

TMZ is reporting that Gloria told him to; “take a boat and go back to your country.” Apparently, Gloria’s friend tried to pull her away from the fight before it got physical, but Gloria (classy woman that she is) insisted, “I’m gonna be ghetto.”


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