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ARIES – March 21 – April 19

Trying to change other people is a waste of time or leads to conflict. Make some major changes that will make you your absolute best emotionally and physically and just see how many victories fall in your lap. Please pay close attention to any paper filing this week, you may be accused of holding back information. Do not wait to be approached go for what you want.

TAURUS – April 20 – May 20

Careful not to share your emotions with everyone this week. Love is coming in without effort, so very important to put your efforts on financial achievements and building stability right now. Put more time in with friends and family, you have been somewhat distant or out of touch lately. You normally have the patience to let things unfold naturally without the theatrics, still be patient.

GEMINI – May 21 – June 20

Ask for as much in return as you give. Your kindness has been often taken for weakness and enough is enough. Emotional conflicts at home are on the rise, say what you need to say and let it go. Potential love gets closer to you, have the faith and courage to know you deserve it and it’s about time. Let things flow and take it day by day. If you are already attached, do a little extra and put that someone at ease assuring that they have your full attention.

CANCER – Jun 21 – July 22

You have been being invited to places you do not want to go. Time to accept the invites and be more socially active. You are letting life pass you right on by, the more you decline the less you will get out. Bills, bills, bills are rolling in and seem difficult to pay; you will find a way to get them paid. Spend more time with that special someone before you are accused of neglect. Money magic comes in during the summer months.

LEO – July 23 – August 22

Pending money is finally coming your way and into your pocket. Do your absolute best to finish all work assignments or projects in timely fashion; you may be labeled as unreliable. Keep a lid on your opinion sometimes, some people take what you say the wrong way and causes chatter behind your back. A very good time to sit quietly and meditate on the issues that surround you now. You have been very good at advising others with their issues so now resolve your own.

VIRGO – August 23 – September 22

Giving your physical help or advice is sometimes more efficient than financial help to those who always need your help. More and more talk about moving or redoing your living environment, plan now to make this a reality. Luck is on your side this week, take advantage of this time and push open some doors. Over the coming weeks you reconnect with someone that inspires you, take in all the inspiration because some changes in your life are imminent.

LIBRA – September 23 – October 22

Listen intently this week as you talk to others. An idea comes through that you will take and run with. Size up your love life and figure out what needs to be done to spruce it up. If a past or current situation is more trouble than it’s worth then it is time for something new. Time to be happily in love, not miserable. Your sense of clarity on your personal issues help to clear things up that you have had trouble doing in the past, believe it. Do not let potential changes at work throw you behind schedule; roll with the punches there is some advancement ahead. Avoid complaining too much in your personal life it only creates more friction.

SCORPIO – October 23 – November 21

Do not lay all your cards on the table too soon when it comes to new romance. Let things happen on its own without the extras. It’s time to talk out your problems and issues with a good friend that you have been ignoring to find resolve. People will seem to be very emotional this week, you included, so watch what you say and especially how you say it. Your first impression of some people you have met recently needs a second look.

SAGITTARIUS – November 22 – December 21

Honesty is the key this week when communicating with those close. Get ready to have invited and uninvited guests into your space for a visit. Tone down your urge to splurge this week and be more practical, you won’t regret it. You need more encouragement instead of always encouraging. Be more vocal about your goals and you will get the encouragement needed. Move forward with any and all plans to make money regardless of all the negative chatter, it will pay off. Careful with being enticed at work for romance, it’s not a good idea right about now.

CAPRICORN – December 22 – January 19

Be prepared to deal with some strong criticism or complaints if you have not followed through on made promises. Social activities this week pick up, so go out and stand in the spot light for a bit. At work there are people that watch and listen to you more than you think, be aware of what you are doing. Relatives and neighbors seem a little pushy and demanding this week, do not let this fluster you, help them however you can. Lover/partner seems to be coming closer, please reciprocate.

AQUARIUS – January 20 – February 18

Stop questioning your future based on the disappointments and mistakes of your past. Those are learning lessons and experiences you need. Some sweet opportunities are coming around and you need to find the time and effort to find them. Take a good look at your financial circumstances right now; set a plan for the next 3 months to turn things around or to increase finances. Cut your losses from a situation you feel is going nowhere fast, move forward without incident. Being a self starter will impress and motivate those around you and realize more of your self worth.

PISCES – February 19 – March 20

Spend more time in the company of people, you enjoy being around. You will see a difference in your overall attitude. Careful not to send mixed messages to the ones that are interested in you and it is not mutual somebody will get the wrong idea. Issues in the work place will arise if you appear to be hard to get along with. Everything will not go in your favor all the time, so be a team player. Do not take on unnecessary burdens from others, this causes more conflict than you need right now. Keep all promises made, take action quickly and follow through to be sure you honor your word. Money picks way up over the next four months.


Dear Wayne,

I have something really heavy on my heart that I would like your insight on. I have talked to my pastor and even my therapist, and I just still cannot find any peace. My 23 year old daughter R recently told me that she is gay, and this is really hard for me. She was raised in church and had a life that most people dream about growing up and she has now betrayed me by making this choice. She leads a productive life and has a good job. She has her health and strength and is a beautiful young lady it just disgusts me and disappointments me to know that she wants to lead this life. My pastor really condemns this and says she needs to go to church more and my therapist says I should learn to accept this. It is just so hard, though Mr. Wayne. I am at my wits end and she even wants me to meet her partner which I just cannot do. Any thoughts or your perspective would be appreciated I just need some guidance. Do you really see her ending up with a woman in her life?


Hey Helpless,

I am sorry to hear that this situation is so traumatic for you. First of all, I applaud R for coming to you and telling you what is going on with her, she could keep this from you but apparently she sees reason to express it. Using the words “disgusted” and “disappointing” about your daughter really lets me know that your opposition is serious. I did a layout and I will tell you that the last two cards are face cards….Queens. This means that yes she will be sharing her life with a female. R is at an age where she knows what she wants and knows who she is. Growing up in church and having all the things you want growing up does not prevent people from being who they really are. If I may put a little bit of my opinion in here I have to say that your therapist is absolutely right. As far as your pastor condemning her, I just have no comment for that, he is not God and I could write 10 pages on him and his condemnation. It’s time for you to accept your daughter for who she is. Being a productive person in society outweighs what she does in her personal life. I am not minimizing your hurt, but I think you are maximizing your pain by being so closed to accepting her life. I honestly do see in time this is not as difficult for you as time goes on and you do meet her partner. With many 23 year olds being addicted to drugs, leading a life of crime or just not getting what they are capable of getting in life you should celebrate her for being vibrant and smart and wanting a mother she loves to accept her as she is just as you would want. Things will work out fine, acceptance is the key.



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