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Though Halle Berry has been successful in her career – she can’t say the same about love. Her first marriage to baseball player David Justice ended after 5 years. Her second marriage to singer Eric Benet ended after 4 years. And her long-term relationship with model Gabriel Aubry, the father of her daughter Nahla, came to screeching halt after 5 years, as well.

Halle recently told UK’s The Sun that she wishes she had known at 18 what she knows now:

“I wish I had known then that I was not the marrying kind. It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache and grief over the years.

I made all the wrong choices when it came to love. I have been an idiot. But, now, it is like a gift to myself – seeing more clearly and making better decisions. One thing was unavoidable. My father left us when I was young and that did affect my life. If I had a good father in my life, growing up, then I do not think I would have made the mistakes I made. I would not have been lost in love.

I would have had a good role model and known what to look for. As it is, I had to find out about marriage from the men I’ve married. I have done it twice and I am not going to do it again. The traditional form of marriage is not for me.

I did say, after my first marriage, ‘never again.’ I was burned and I was done. But I thought Eric really loved me, so I said ‘yes’ to his proposal.”

While we’re all for people getting married, we respect Halle’s decision to call a spade a spade.

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