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Just when you thought racism in our country had died down, or at least been hidden enough that no one noticed it, some fool wants to pull a stunt like this. I was browsing through Bossip.com earlier today and came across a post that disturbed me in the utmost way. An African American customer at the Landmark Steakhouse in Corona Del Mar, California experienced blatant racism when he dined in the restaurant and received his check with racist remarks on them. The waiter/waitress replaced the customer’s name on the check with the “n-word”.

The customer (African American) is Mark McHenry, who happens to be a regular at the steakhouse. He filed a lawsuit against the restaurant after receiving the check and noticing the racial remarks. When the managers of the establishment were asked about the situation, they of course stated that they were not racist. However, it’s pretty obvious to me from looking at the pictures of the receipt that this restaurant is indeed racist.

Really? Its 2011, I can’t believe these types of things still occur in our society. Such a shame! I bet the more national attention this situation receives the likelihood that this company will go out of business sky rockets. I wonder did the general manager fire the waiter/waitress that served Mark this receipt? SMH

What do you think of this situation?

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