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Ever feel like when talking to your husband or boyfriend, you’re talking to a brick wall? Ever have to ask him to wash the dishes or mow the lawn, four or five times in one night? Well, chances are, it’s because you’re choosing the wrong time of day to initiate the conversation.

Cosmopolitan’s February issue highlighted the best times of the day for women to get men to do what they want, based upon biorhythms and hormones. Based on the research of Evie Bentley, biorhythms expert researcher and clinical pharmacist Angie D. Meeker, and focusing on biorhythms and hormones and how they affect behavior, the best (and worst) times for sex, household chores, arguments and meaningful conversations were assessed.

They found…

Best time for sex.

They found that men are most primed for sex as soon as they wake up. This is because testosterone builds up as they sleep, and as such, their libido is highest early in the morning.

Best time for household chores.

It was found that getting a man to help with household chores should be done mid-morning, around 11am, when cortisole and adreneline- strength and energy producing hormones- are highest.

Best time to engage in conversations.

Meaningful conversations should be saved until the afternoon when he is less distracted, and calmer. His levels of testosterone slowly fall throughout the day, so by around 2pm, the levels will be very low, meaning he will be much more relaxed than earlier in the day, and thus, more likely to listen to you.

Bayer Schering Pharma, a pharmaceutical and contraceptives manufacturer, validated these findings in a similar survey, and broadened the study to outside of the family unit. They looked at the best time to ask for a promotion and the best time to win an argument.

They found…

Best time to get ahead at work.

1pm was found to be the best time to ask for a promotion or raise, as opposed to first thing in the morning, or the end of the day. Because in the early afternoon, people are more relaxed and less stressed, your boss is more likely to listen intently to your proposal, rather than brush you off.

Best time to win an argument (for women).

For women, 3pm is reportedly the best time for women to win an argument, because of the low testosterone levels in their man. However, the study found that 6pm is the best time for men to grant a woman’s request, so you could always hold off on the argument, and assess the situation later (chances are you will get the result you desire, without the fight).

While it is just another survey, the importance of looking at biorhythms in relation to behavior and mood, shouldn’t be scoffed at, for, as Evie Bentley notes; “each biorhythm cycle is regulated by the brain, which controls what and how hormones are produced in order to balance bodily function. A great deal of how a person feels physically, intellectually, and emotionally, is caused by their biorhythms.”

Thus, the findings indicate that if people are aware of their body’s biorhythms and how peaks and troughs in our own moods shape behavior, we can manipulate our behavior to ensure we get what it is we want, by timing certain events correctly!

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