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Spring Break is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning how you can keep your kids happy and your sanity during their week off from school.  Here are 10 suggestions for kid friendly spring break activities.

Take a Road Trip

You know that trip you’ve been planning to go see the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore or Niagra Falls?  There’s no better time than the present.  Pack the up the car and hit the road to find out what America is made of.  Give your kids an appreciation of nature and teach them some eco-friendly tips along the way.

Go to an Amusement Park

Rediscover the joys of Ferris wheels and rollercoasters by heading to the nearest amusement park.  Your kids will love spending the day screaming their heads off on park rides.  To save money pack a cooler with lunch so you can avoid the pricey (and fattening) amusement park eats.  The best part, you’ll have no trouble getting the kids to sleep when you get home, they’ll be too exhausted to move!

Plant a Garden

Take a cue from the first family and plant a garden in your back yard.   Kids will love the free excuse to play in the dirt and their hard work will pay off for months.  Imagine their sense of accomplishments when their seeds start to bloom and a beautiful garden of tomatoes, lettuce, carrot and other delicious treats.  You’ll  save on groceries and always have fresh produce right at your fingertips.

Make an Easter Basket

This edible craft project is a great way to bond with your kids and celebrate the religious holiday.  You can use boiled or blown-out eggs and a store bought Easter dye set to create mini works of art.  Throw in some candy and jelly beans and you’ll have a both a snack basket and a family made center-piece for the Easter dinner table.

Indulge Your Inner Cookie Monster

Tried and true, kids love cookies and they are both fun and simple to make! Baking together encourages creativity and teaches kids the value of teamwork. The reward is family bonding and an edible finished product.

Make it a Movie Night

Grab some popcorn and candy and surprise your kids with a trip to the theater to see HOP.  The animated film, in theaters April 1st, tells the story of a young bunny who finds himself acquiring an unexpected (and unwanted) new house-guest on the eve of his big debut as the new Easter bunny.  Get your kids excited about the film by visiting for games, trailers and exclusive video clips.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Avoid April showers by staying in and planning a treasure hunt.  This no fuss activity is a sure fire way to keep your kids engaged and excited.  Stash clues around the house and lead your kids on a hunt for their hidden treasure.  The prize can be anything from cookies to their favorite board game.

Turn Bored in to Board!

Rediscover the joy of your favorite childhood board games with your little ones.  Clue, Monopoly and Candyland have been around for years because they’re just plain fun! So break out the box, choose your pieces and sit down for some competitive family bonding.

Plan a Picnic

When’s the last time you played “Red Rover” or a good solid game of “It”.  With kids spending more and more time in front of the television, a family picnic is a great way to get them out of the house and moving around.  Grab a basket, pack some fresh fruit and snacks and spend the day rediscovering what it means to “go outside and play.”

Make a Scrapbook

Remember those boxes of pictures you’ve been meaning to frame, the baby keep-sakes and tickets from your first time to the theater?  In the spirit of spring cleaning grab those items cluttering your junk drawers, some scissors and paper and make a family scrap book.  Your kids will love the cutting, gluing and pasting and you’ll love having a valid excuse to go back down memory lane.


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