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“Scream” actress Neve Campbell believes the media focuses too much on women’s body image, namely Beyonce’s. She was recently interviewed by about her happy workouts, healthy curves, and why she’ll never do the Atkins diet again.

Q: Why do you think people are so obsessed with celebs’ weights?

A: Unfortunately, we women put the pressure on ourselves. Let’s look toward the environment and charity, [and] have less of a focus on our appearance. When those pictures of me in Hawaii were all over the news, I was like, What’s going on in Afghanistan, and why are we not talking about those things? Are we really going to waste time talking about my black bikini? It’s ridiculous. I remember watching CNN once, and on the bottom ticker it said something like, “Beyonce no longer wants to be called Bootylicious.”

Do you agree with Neve?

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