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Toccara Jones recently gave her opinion on the media’s misuse of the word “curvy.” Here’s what Jones, who is often referred to as a plus-size model, told Hip Hollywood.

What do you think about the media branding certain woman curvy?

I definitely agree that they’re putting women on these magazine covers – actresses and artists – and saying they’re curvy and they’re really not.

Rihanna currently covers the latest Vogue discussing her curvy shape. Though she’s thicker in some areas, she’s not what most would consider to be a very curvy girl. Thoughts?

For Vogue, Rihanna IS curvy. In defense of Rihanna, she does have some thick legs. I think she’s about 5’8, 5’9. She does have some big, beautiful, thick legs, so I will say that she’s curvy bottom half. I’ll give her that. I do have an issue with them throwing size 2’s and 4’s on covers and saying ‘This is curvy.’ Not to say that curves don’t come in all shapes and sizes, because you can be a 2 or a 16 and be curvy, but some of these women are just not curvy at all.

Do you think it confuses teenage girls who idolize these actresses and singers?

Yes, definitely. When people talk about curves, they either go to one extreme and make the requirement that you have to be really big or obese or not sexy and beautiful. So, sometimes, when you say “curvy,” people believe that she’s not oozing the same sex appeal as anyone else. Then the other extreme is with the smaller women [In terms of the media viewing very petite women as curvy]. I do personally feel some kind of way when I see women that I know and they [media] say ‘Oh, her curves are this and that.’ And I know if I stand next to them, I look freakin’ huge. It’s like, for real? That’s what we’re calling curvy? What makes me upset is that then they try to take my curves away from me.

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