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Heading out tonight for some St. Patrick’s Day fun? Going to a traditional Irish pub, where you would never normally venture, with your workmates? Don’t want to stand out by drinking cocktails when everyone else is gripping a bottle of beer like it’s going out of fashion, but you have absolutely no clue about beer?

Well Fitness Magazine has the solution for you!

In time for St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, Fitness Magazine have compiled a list of their top 10 tasting light beers by a blind trial. And the best part? No beer is over 120 calories, in fact some are as low as 64! Now you can drink like the Irish, without having to worry about a horrible hangover in the morning, or the dreaded ‘beer bulge’ that can follow a night of beer induced debauchery!

1. Bud Light

This all-American classic beat out every other bottle with a smooth crispness. And at only 110 calories, how can it be beaten?

2. Sam Adams Light

Sam Adams has a nutty, complex flavor, but still tastes like real beer. A real find at only 119 calories per bottle.

3. Coors Light

This fizzy and refreshing beer is the perfect after work drink. It is sweet with a hint of apple flavor, and comes in at only 102 calories per can.

4. Becks Light

Doesn’t make the top 3, but at only 64 calories, it is a winner in my opinion!

5. Corona Light

At 105 calories, this beer screams Mexican parties and summer days!

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