A British man and woman looking for a little vacation fun while visiting Dubai were caught having sex on the beach…and sentenced to three months in jail.

According to reports, the couple met only a few short minutes prior to the arrest and were having a little fun on the beach after an unlimited champagne brunch. They were later charged with sex before marriage, inebriation, and public indecency, though the couple claims they were only kissing. As for what they were really doing, only the Dubai government knows – the judge did not go into detail.  Each “offender” was also find the equivalent of $272 US dollars and will be deported from Dubai immediately after serving their respective sentences.  Apparently, if convicted of all charges, the couple could have faced a maximum of two years in prison instead of three months.

Is it just me, or is this a little extreme?  While Dubai is known to Westerners as one of this generation’s hottest vacation and celebrity hot spots, few know that the country itself abides to strict Islamic law, and PDA (public displays of affection) is illegal. Ironic, considering how touchy-feely Western couples can be, not to mention scantily clad when sun and beach are involved.

Do you think they deserved this sentence, or should couples abide by the laws of the country they’re visiting, no questions asked?

[info from Yahoo News]

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