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We were hoping for more action on Part 1 of “Basketball Wives” reunion show,but nothing could’ve prepared us for last night’s debacle.  We like our drama just like the next chick, but what we witnessed last night was the ultimate degradation of black women.  From Evelyn’s bullying and nasty attitude, and every word out of her mouth being bleeped to Royce letting us know how she can put her legs behind her ears, showing off her “real” butt and boobs, this was a moment to pause and ask ourselves what has “reality” TV done to our sisters.

These are all grown women who have children, so why are they acting like high-schoolers in the school yard? Which leads to my favorite line of the night:

John Salley “A lot of ya’ll mentioned grown A** woman, but then you do teeny a** women sh*t”.

As for the rest of the ladies, they are really “non-factors” in this debacle. The person we should have a problem with is Executive Producer Shaunie O’Neal, who sat on that stage and let all hell break loose…all the while thinking cha-ching!!! I’m PAID!!

Take a look:

What did you think of last night’s reunion show?

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