Aaaand Eminem is officially played.

How long have you been waiting for a new Eminem song? I know I’ve been waiting around for a little while. I watched him drop off the scene, get chubby, lose the weight, come out with a single that didn’t really get popular, because it wasn’t that good, but I had faith in him, because Eminem always bounces back, even if it’s as a guest on someone else’s track.

But this video is straight out of 1998. or 1999. Or 2000. It’s basically a different version of almost every radio single and every video he’s made. And it’s just old. Not that “We Made You” isn’t funny… it just feels a little too familiar. Check it out below and let me know what you think.

How do Ginuwine and Teena Marie fare in the PLAY OR SLAY? game? Click on the links and rate them yourself!

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