April 1, 2009 will now forever be remembered as the day the First Lady wore her first fashion DUD, so says Bonnie Fuller, who once worked at Glamour magazine and now contributes to the Huffington Post.

Fuller went in on Michelle’s black and white outfit that she wore to meet the Queen:

WRONG because in almost every way for Michelle, the outfit was a figure DON’T. At 5’10” Michelle has a strong statuesque figure that is striking in outfits with clean, long lines. This black and white dress cut her length in half, making her suddenly appear short-waisted. Then to add injury to insult, the big flaring bell skirt ballooned out over her curvy pear-shaped hips adding feet to her width. Yeah, Michelle looked like a bell all right from her wide base all the WAY up to the tippy top of her new disaster do.

We see nothing wrong with her choice. Classy and appropriate in our book.

Fuller then went in on Michelle’s hair:

WRONG because that new hair do made our gorgeous First Lady join the mile-high club — the mile-high forehead club, that is. Had you ever noticed that Michelle had a landing strip across the top of her head? Me neither, until now. But exposing her huge forehead wasn’t the only thing wrong with this 4 inch hair pullup — the world now thinks we have a conehead for First Lady.

Oh no she didn’t!!!

I don’t know what this ish is smoking, but Michelle’s fashion choices are always on point.

Read more of the diss here and let us know what you think?

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