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Valentine’s Day experiences vary with age and relationship status. Back in elementary school, our teachers send home notes saying that we have to make Valentines for everyone in our class, even if the boy next to you is the biggest jerk ever. And then there’s the tension of how to sign your cards: is “Love, Jess” too forward? And what if people compare your cards and realize that you only wrote that on one person’s card? Talk about being called out.

The tensions shift in middle school when Valentine’s Day becomes the time to send your girlfriends “Valentine-o-grams” from the school store. But who do you send them to? What if you don’t get invited to the next sleepover because you forgot about one person?

High school is when things start getting serious. Emotions kick in and you’re either spending Valentine’s Day doing dinner and a movie with your boy or crying your eyes out to the latest romantic comedy. You’ve either had your outfit planned out for weeks or you’re rocking your comfiest sweats. Still, this time of the year is pretty open to dramatic changes, just as everything in high school is.

After high school, you being to realize that Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a sneaky marketing technique. Who’s to say that you can’t celebrate a romantic date night with your loved one on February 15th? Or June 27th? Valentine’s Day has become a culturally contrived 24 hours that works to the benefit of candy, flower, jewelry, and stationary companies.

So why let the candy hearts and sweet messages bring you down? There’s no reason to designate a specific day to celebrate your feelings. Live in the moment and let love take over when you’re ready!

How do you cope with Valentine’s Day? Fill us in on the best techniques to bypass the sadness that so often gets paired with the “day of love”.

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