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With only two weeks to go until the big V, Valentine’s Day mania is definitely heating up. But if you’re single on this day of love, and the sea of everything red and pink in the nation’s grocery and department stores is making you feel a little green, then never fear, HelloBeautiful is here, with 5 ways you can avoid the doom and gloom this Valentine’s season:

1. Have dinner with your family. You know how you always think to yourself that you should call your parents more often? Well Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to go home and spend some time with those who love you more than boys ever could anyway.

2. You can finally catch up with some of your friends. Wine, take out and bad slasher movies are the perfect remedy for being single on the one day everyone seems to be paired off.

3. It’s the perfect excuse to throw a party. The chances are that even some of your coupled up friends will ditch their date for a good party, so you get to kill two birds with one stone by catching up with friends and starting a new, awesome, Anti-Valentine’s tradition, that will mean you never need to be alone for Valentine’s Day again.

4. Valentine’s Day is a great night to hit the town. While all the couples are stuck out at stuffy restaurants, the foot loose and fancy free can hit the city’s nightlife. And, the best thing of all? You know that the hot guy staring at you, is single too, so there will be no crazy girlfriend drama when she catches you dancing with him.

5. When you’re forced into helping your loved up friends shop for their perfect V’Day gift, don’t spend the seemingly endless hours trawling through department stores as self-torture, reminding yourself that you’re single. Instead, remind yourself that instead of buying a gift, that will most likely cost you a fortune, and not get used, you can spend some of the cash and buy yourself a gift. Simply for being awesome. As if you needed an excuse!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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