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The lovely Kimora Lee Simmons, mogul, mom, wife, philanthropist and entrepreneur, is thrilled about Season 4 of her blockbuster docu-series “Kimora: Life In The Fab Lane.” Kimora has been making exciting life changes, saying goodbye to the past and hello to a glorious new future with husband, actor Djimon Hounsou, and gorgeous children Aoki, Ming Lee and baby Kenzo.

As her team says, “Whether she’s taking over fashion week or entertaining her kids at home, Kimora does everything she undertakes with a singular style that continues to defy definition.”

Catch the new one-hour episodes of “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane” Sunday nights at 9pm ET/PT on the Style Network.

Abiola: Kimora, congrats on Season 4 of “Life in the Fab Lane!” Ok, let’s talk business. Baby Phat is out. No more Baby Phat for you. That’s their loss. Now, it’s all about Kouture by Kimora. What is the difference between these two brands?

Kimora: Well, for me, Baby Phat is – I’m no longer with that company – and I’m moving on with Kouture and KLS Design Group which is under its umbrella. For example, Hello Kitty and KLS which is higher-end contemporary lines. But Kouture is in Macy’s now and it’s young and fun.

The great thing about it is that nothing on the line is over, I would say $50.00. You can get a really great-fitting little black dress or cocktail dress that’s $40.00.

Abiola: Kind of a recession chicness for us recessionistas.

Kimora: Yes. I always say that my line is recession-proof!

Abiola: We love that. What is the top Kimora relationship tip?

Kimora: I think one great tip is that you should always love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, take care of yourself, cater to yourself and that little inner voice, you will really not be very worthy of being with someone else, because you won’t be the best version of you.

Abiola: Well said. Now, Kimora, you also have a skin-care line launching Spring 2011. Tell us about that.

Kimora: I have a skin-care line. It’s called Shinto Clinical. It’s I think it’s really great because, again, this was my whole thing I was saying about evolve and a new you, a new decade, and I feel like my responsibilities have changed – my fashion, my style, my sensibility – and skin and beauty is a big focus for a lot of women who are our age. Our age being anywhere from 23 to 53 and everything above and beyond and in between.

It combines Eastern treatments with cutting-edge technology, and it’s what I use on my own skin.

Abiola: We look forward to it. Last question, Kimora, what is the biggest misconception about you, do you think?

Kimora: Sometimes you can take it or sometimes you can’t.

Abiola: Okay! All right, well, then just leave us with a little of Kimora’s words of inspiration and fabulosity!

Kimora: A little word of fabulosity – I don’t know! I have so many words on my little Twitter – are you on Twitter?

Abiola: Yes, I’m on Twitter @AbiolaTV.

Kimora: Okay, I’m @OfficialKimora. Tell all of your readers that. A word of advice I would have is to be fabulous. Believe in yourself. Do the best that you can. Live honestly to a higher note. Life is too short. So, do the best you can and live your life to a higher note.

Abiola: That was beautiful. I just want to say thank you, Kimora, for being your beautiful self, and thank you for showing women what author Marianne Williamson says: When we shine, we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same.

Kimora: Oh, I love Marianne Williamson! I love that. I’m gonna tweet that. Thank you.

Get on board for a wild ride when the fourth season of “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane” airs on Style’s “Sundaylicious” night at 9pm ET/PT. “Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane” is produced by Left/Right for The Style Network. Ken Druckerman, Banks Tarver, and Mike Nichols from Left/Right, Sarah Weidman from Style and Kimora Lee Simmons serve as executive producers for the series.


Abiola Abrams, the Love Journalist, is an Author and Media Personality living in NYC. Catch her on MTV’s Made as a Ladies Man Coach and as an entertainment Correspondent on the BBC. You can find outtakes and the full Kimora Lee Simmons interview, audio and video, on Abiola’s award winning blog The Passionista Playbook at The new season of her web series premieres on March 9th, and catch her in this month’s Essence Magazine talking love and sex.

Take a look at the trailer for “Life In The Fab Lane” Season 4:

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