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Make your Valentine’s Day sizzle this year with our sexy gift guide that will have your man lovin’ every minute of being with you! From massage, toys and blindfolds, there’s something for everyone in this gift guide…

1. Massage Candles

These aren’t your typical pour on wax candles. These candles melt down into a warm oil that you can pour on and then give your man a nice heated sensual massage. First, light the candle then set the mood and get down to the action!


2. I.O.U Sex Coupons

Nothing says love like a sexy I.O.U. Use these in a gift for your man and we’re positive he’ll be hounding you down to redeem the goodies!


3. Position Of The Day Playbook

Ladies, missionary isn’t the only position out there. Pick up this book for ideas on how to bend and flex in new ways that will reignite the flame.


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4. Warming Lube

In the cold winter months nothing says hot hot hot like a warming lubricant. Snuggle up and stay cozy with Emertia Oh! and have a safe and sexy holiday.


5. Sexual Chocolate

Chocolates are always very romantic gifts but let’s try something a little more naughty for the holiday season. You can immortalize your naughty bits in chocolate with this product. That’s a treat he won’t forget!


6. Orgasm In A Box

The lovely folks at Babeland have created these cute gift kits of sexy toys that will give you everything you need for a steamy night! There’s a his and a hers so why not get both for jolly ol’ time!


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7. Get Kinky

Take that blindfold and put it on him! If you’re feeling super adventurous use the silk restraints to tie him up too. This way you can take all these sexy gifts and give him the biggest surprise he’s ever had!


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