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Chris Brown and former B2K member Raz-B took to Twitter to air out their issues and unleashed a flurry of disses at each another. Apparently the drama started when Raz-B began tweeting about his infatuation with Rihanna.

Then Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance entered the argument to defend his brother. After Breezy labeled him a “homo thug”, Raz B decided he was not going to taking it lying down and referred to the ‘Forever’ singer as a “homophobic”.

“You victimize victims, you’re a homophobe, you’re on the down low and a woman beater. Merry Christmas and thanks for showing everyone your true colors” tweeted Raz B. After Raz B’s twitter followers rose through the roof, Breezy tweeted: “Merry christmas. I just gave you 20 thousand more followers. You should’ve did this first instead of telling the world you got raped”. Are you entertained?

When Raz B implied he ruined his own career, Breezy tweeted: “When I need tips on how to demolish my career I’ll call ya! It’s funny how I’m nominated for 3 grammys off of a mixtape and you’re scrambling for change!” Then Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance started to attack Breezy. Then Breezy went back at Ricky Romance. Breezy’s producer Andre Merritt got dragged up in it and had his say after Raz B referred to him as Breezy’s lover. “I will beat your f*ckin ass putting my name in some shit!” Merritt angrily tweeted to Raz B. Then Omarion was attacked by Raz B’s brother but refused to get dragged into the beef. What a mess! And the argument is still happening after OVER TWO HOURS of insults. Raz B later went on to say that he is not a homosexual but was simply molested and referred to Breezy as “Ike Turner”. Are you keeping up with this? Then, as soon as Breezy leaves the argument, Rihanna starts tweeting.

I’m sure this will go on all night, go to Chris Brown and Raz B‘s twitter pages if you want more!

What do you think of Brown and Raz’s behavior?

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