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I will not ever lie to you, Hello Beautiful readers: I am all about a good tasteless joke. In fact, oftentimes, the more tasteless, the better. It’s all about the execution, really. But when it comes to a t-shirt like the one in the picture above, well, I could just about puke on it.

Clothing company Rock the Bureau plays on urban colloquialisms on its t-shirts with phrases like “I [heart] My Bitches” on women’s tees and rap lyrics (Weezy’s “Fuck Bitches, Get Money” from the song “Get Money”) on men’s tees. But “I’ll Chris Brown A Bitch” is just such lazy tasteless humor that I can’t even get down with it.

For one thing, wordy tees are generally lame unless the message is a little witty and cryptic. At least, in my opinion. For another, what girl would really holler at a guy with a t-shirt that says “I’ll Chris Brown A Bitch”?!?!?! It’s like the anti-booty-getter in my book.

Am I bugging, or could Rock the Bureau have at least tried a little bit harder to make a clever joke out of a sad situation? They get no points for effort in my book.

If it wasn’t funny when Mike Tyson did it, it’s not really that funny now!

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