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Strip clubs have long been the rage for men — almost every one of them has been (not to mention a few of us ladies). But have you ever wondered why they love them so much? Is it because their women are not satisfying them at home?

This stripper believes she has the answer:

Admit it. To some of you non strippers out there, im sure you joke and cackle about women who dance and the men they are involved with, sleep with, are friends with, how much money they make, what they are doing for money, and so on and so on. the curiosity is killing some of you so much that you HANG OUT in strip clubs just so you can stare and speculate, and wait for the next whoever to come in, to see how much money he spends, what stripper he is talking to, what stripper(s) he dances to death, and you are not satisfied, because THEN you are in the parking lot after the club closes, or the after hours, falling over yourself to get into vip, where the “strippers” are partying, with person(s) who spend money on them, and you want to soooooo bad know why…. and then, after all this piggy backing your doing, You have the audacity to ask a question that screams “IM INSECURE BECAUSE I LOST MY BOYFRIEND TO A STRIPPER!”-ok. i have an answer to your vulnerable question.

Recession woes: Strip clubs hold job fair.

Dating strippers will never go away. ever. because they are, for the most part, attractive women who have an allure that SOME women who do not dance, hide or think is dirty, dont know how to portray, or are just not in touch with their sexuality. How many times does your boyfriend have to ask you to take ALL your clothes off in the bedroom. how many times during sex do you have to turn the lights back off after he has tried to keep them on? when is the last time you took a hand mirror and looked at your “lady parts”? obviously you wont answer these questions out loud honestly, but dont blame the answers to these questions on STRIP. your mind is closed.

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