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Either you hate these couple-isms because you’re single, or because they’re just damn annoying, but The Frisky has put together a great list of the 7 most annoying things couples do. If you’ve done any of these and can laugh about it, cheers to you. However, if you’re reading this list, and you do at least 4 of the things on it, and don’t see why they’re so irritating, well… maybe you need some time to yourself to reflect.

[From The Frisky]

College Candy posted an article on the five most annoying couple-isms, like those twosomes who insist on using lame nicknames for each other in public (#3), and those obnoxious couples who fight in public (#5) – something I think most of us can agree is even worse than PDAs (#1). The list was pretty spot-on, but too brief. Those of us who have had the displeasure of spending time around annoying couples know there are way more than five traits that set them apart, so here are seven more couple-isms that cannot be overlooked.

  1. Using the term “date night” when going out anywhere after dark together.
  2. Feeding each other.
  3. Wanting to set up all of their single friends with each other so they don’t have to deal with anymore odd-numbered extra wheels.
  4. “We”-ing everything. As in: “Did you see that new Wes Anderson movie yet?” “We did, we thought it was great. We can’t wait til it comes out on DVD so we can watch it over and over.”

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