Just in case you weren’t done hating on Sasha Fierce, Clutch Magazine has given us 15 Reasons People Hate Beyoncé Knowles. Here’s the best of the list:

1)”You remind me of a girl that I once knew.”

Usher wasn’t playing when he sang about his bout with Déjà Vu, but if Beyoncé reminds you of someone in your past, it may not exactly be a pleasant memory. Did any of you go to school with that girl who was balancing Student Council, Track and Field and in her spare time was the head of the Cheerleading Squad, while you were merely hoping to have a chance to at least make Student of the Week? Did I forget to mention that she was also dating the captain of the football team while you were still combing through the school directory hoping to will yourself a first date? Well, Beyoncé may unconsciously remind you of that girl that you hated who with the blink of an eye had and did everything you wanted too.

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6) She’s the reason we no longer have Destiny’s Child.

When “Beyoncé and the Girls” first stepped on the scene under their well-known alias, Destiny’s Child, it was clear for the world to see who was really headlining and who would remain in the shadows: our wonderful Queen B. Riddled with drama, rumored to be a result of a single spotlight on the ever talented Beyonce’, the group went from four to two, back to four, and then down to three and before you knew it, Beyoncé was running things on the airwaves with a flourishing solo career. Coincidence anyone?

12) The “Blacker the Berry” isn’t always the “Sweeter the Juice”.

We all know Beyoncé is a red bone, but even being that light isn’t enough to satisfy the media. In 2005, Vanity Fair denies rumors of lightening her image on the cover of their magazine, but now L’Oreal is currently under the radar for doing the same skin altering. I don’t know about you, but I love my brown skin.

14) Jay Z is not that attractive.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but when you’re a high profile celebrity society tends to think you should be dating a handsome man like the Rock or the next LL Cool J. Beyoncé chose Jigga, who probably doesn’t stand a chance to becoming the next Mr. Universe, but because Beyoncé could have whomever she wants, people feel like they should have a say so in her love match also.

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