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In the real world, most of us do not have a fireplace or a mantle to hang a Christmas stocking. if you’re looking for creative ways to make your holiday season a little festive, here are some not so typical places to display your stockings from

1. Ladders: Vintage, worn or broken ladders are easy to come by at estate sales, auctions, antique stores and Craigslist. Lean them against the wall and when the season is over, use them to hold blankets, jackets or even hang plants from instead!

2. Window Sills: Commercial weighted stocking hangers can be found at most retailers these days. Simply place them in your sill and you’re all set for Santa!

3. Ends Of Your Bed: Hang your stockings from the ends of your bed for a little holiday spark in the bedroom. You can make a loop that will slide over a footboard or tie a simple strong from one side to the other in which to hang it.


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