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With the holiday less than two weeks away, we bring you our top 5 Thanksgiving TV moments with our favorite on-screen families.

Martin – “Thanks For Nothing”

Martin’s crazy relatives (a one-eyed John Witherspoon and a thieving cousin) meet Gina’s put-together parents for the first time.


A Different World – “Faith, Hope and Charity”

Whitley’s mother (Diahann Carroll) shows up for Thanksgiving with a new fiancé whose motives Whitley doubts, while Dwayne’s mother (Patti LaBelle) shows up unannounced; the fighting that ensues leads to the women being hauled off to jail.


Girlfriends – “Fried Turkey”

Joan finds herself alone on Thanksgiving after everyone makes other plans for the holiday. After she meets Preston Hall (Duane Martin), a handsome and highly successful attorney, Joan invites him back to her place, but her friends suddenly begin appearing and she can’t seem to get them to leave.


The Cosby Show – “Cliff’s Wet Adventure”

The Huxtables host a large gathering for dinner. Cliff must go to the market in the midst of a terrible storm to gather ingredients for the meal.

The Jamie Foxx Show – “A Thanksgiving To Remember”

Jamie’s friend Icepick Issac is a football player who’s in town and staying at the hotel, just in time for the holidays. However, when Jamie finds out that Isaac’s been cut from the team, he tries to keep the news from him.

Happy Holidays!

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