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It takes a creative mind and a thoughtful soul in order to have the mindset of being able to ‘move the crowd’ with words and phrases. That would be a fine description of today’s Hello Beautiful’s featured guest, South Florida’s own Ingrid ‘Ingrid B’ Bazin. Fitting the West Indian stereotype of having many jobs, popularized on the 90s television series, ‘In Living Color’, she is a poet, television producer, host, spoken word artist, performer, promoter and no doubt, a ‘Soulcialite’. We got the chance to ask her 5 questions and she gracefully obliged as you are about to read. If you are ever in the South Florida area, Ingrid B is the person to get a hold of during your stay!

1. What led you to become involved in the industry in the capacity that you’re currently involved?

Everything I am doing now stemmed from doing a favor for a friend. I started a yahoo group in 1999 because out of towners kept asking me where to go when they came to Miami. It grew and a lot of local people joined as well. I built up a database that I then used to assist a friend in building her poetry night. As the saying goes The Rest Is History.

2. What inspires and drives you on a daily basis?

My love for the art of spoken word and my intense desire to never work a 9 to 5 again.

3. What will Ingrid B be doing in 5 years?

If God Spare Life, I will be “Making My Passion My Prosperity”.

4. The music scene is ever evolving, do you see the scene, as it is now, in a positive light and how has the changes you’ve seen, changed (if it has), your perception of the business of music?

I just got into promoting music, the scene as well as those in it, are all going through serious changes. I believe they are for the better, people are tired of the status quo. I believe we have a ways to go but things are definitely changing for the better. I have no choice but to believe that.

5. What difficulties do you face, if any, in doing what you do?

Securing and getting access to mainstream resources to assist in promoting my Live Music & Spoken Word events has been a struggle. Miami is a COMMERCIAL city, If it’s not on the radio, it doesn’t exist. With that being said, I have great support from my clientele and they spread the word as much as they can.

Born in Jamaica raised in Barbados Ingrid “IngridB” Bazin has been a tour de force on the South Florida poetry scene since 2001, turning a favor for a friend into a livelihood that has garnered her a reputation as the ultimate “Soulcialite” promoter amongst poets, singers, and musicians. With the creation of BSide Entertainment, Bazin took her passion for Poetry and built a scene within the established scene which later came to include soul music.

The decision to infuse Poetry and Soul Music was an easy one for Bazin, as the audience showed appreciation for the music and it became obvious that the two were interchangeable.

Possessing the perfect blend of West Indian Sensibility Southern Hospitality and Northern Flair IngridB develops a soul connection with her audiences whom she has come to call “The Soulcialites” an assembly which include varied cultural back grounds of like minded individuals who share of love of Soul Music, Poetry, and Positive Hip Hop and enjoy the BSide of Life that Bazin has created. Nationally recognized for her savvy Soulcial skills and intimate knowledge of the Spoken Word Poetry and Soul Music scenes, IngridB has been Poet Producer for 2 seasons of LYRIC CAFE seen on BETJ and CentricTV. Currently IngridB is the host and promoter of four weekly events. The Soulcial is a live music event which features up and coming and well established Soul Singers and Musicians. The Bohemia Room is a Spoken Word Poetry experience which features some of the best poets South Florida has to offer as well as international spoken word artist, writers and poets. Flow Fridays is an open mic event and the more laid back vibe on Bazin’s event roster. Her newest event, “So You thInk You Can Karaoke”, turns the soulcialites into performers and is a great time for all involved . It is her consistency and passion for what she does that has made IngridB a lasting and highly respected figure on the Poetry and Soul Music scenes. Passion that will undoubtedly help her attain her goals of venue ownership and national branding and have millions living on the BSide of Life.

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