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The music industry has changed drastically. Gone are the days where the fans feel like the artists that they admire are untouchable. We now have Twitter, blogs, and other media outlets for artists to not only be connected to fans but to build relationships with them as well. However, with some artists who are not always mature enough to handle the criticism as well as the love that can come from fans, this access can backfire. They want to hear the praise but not the critics.

Take Trey Songz for instance. I interviewed him years ago during the “Just Gotta Make It” era. At this point I was not a fan of his but I did check out his album and I enjoyed a few singles from it. Fast forward about 5 or 6 years later and Trey Songz image and music has changed drastically. No longer was he making sincere songs for the ladies. Now, he has followed the footsteps of his predecessor R. Kelly and sexed up every single he releases. I don’t like it. Apparently, I am not the only one who is bored with Trey Songz and his oversexed image. When artists go the sexual route it can seem like a desperate attempt to maintain the attention of fans. Sometimes it works, but you must have some true talent underneath the sexual image for the artist to continue being successful. I’m not convinced that Trey has that yet.

Trey Songz Shows His Package

Recently Trey sat down with Real Talk NY and when asked how he felt about the criticism he receives about his overt sexual image, he had the following to say:

“Critics don’t live it, they speak on it.  You can have your opinion and that’s for you. I’m winning right now. So critic that.”

I get the need for artists to have a certain amount of bravado when they are “on”. “On” meaning when they are in front of the camera or any audience, their behavior changes to fit an image that they want to portray. But, am I the only one that thinks that Trey should humble himself? Sure he is having more success in his career than he ever has before, but just as easily as it was given it can be taken away. No one is safe from failures of any kind in this economy not even artists. I think that Trey is portraying an unearned bravado. There is nothing wrong with being confident and knowing that you are talented and standing by it, but in this regard and others, I think he crosses the line. If he has a problem with critics, then he definitely is not in the right line of work. The criticism of his music, life and image has barely began.

For the record, yes Trey your music is oversexed and needs some toning down. People said the same thing about R. Kelly years ago and he finally caught the hint.  Why should you be excused?

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