If you wear eyeglasses, have you ever had a difficult time choosing the right makeup to compliment your pretty peepers?

Here are some specific eye make-up how-to’s depend on your prescription courtesy of

If you’re nearsighted, your eyes may seem smaller behind glasses; lining your top and lower lids is a surefire way to make them look bigger. For fair to medium skin tones, stick with a mahogany or light charcoal liner; for darker complexions, a deep coal or black. Curl upper lashes and apply a coat of mascara, let mascara dry for about 1 minute and apply another coat for an even more eye-opening effect.

Farsighted prescriptions often make eyes look bigger, so use a light hand–dust a neutral shadow on lids and brush on a coat of mascara. Because glasses also draw attention to your brows, keep them neat: Pluck strays and fill in sparse spots with a brow powder that’s one shade lighter than your hair color.

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